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9 Best 360 Degree Camera Apps for Android 2019

9 Best 360 Degree Camera Apps for Android 2019

With the advancement of technology, people are now bestowed with the unique immersive experience of virtual reality for business, education and entertainment. But that’s actually old news. Today, you too can actually create and capture vista images of just about everything around our 360-degree view.

Using 360-degree camera apps, your Android smartphones with panoramic camera capabilities can be transformed into one sophisticated 360-degree camera that can capture complete roll around scenic images with spectacular details. And to achieve that, you simply need to install any of the following 9 best 360-degree camera apps for Android.

1. Camera360

When it comes to capturing 360-degree pictures of flawless quality, Camera360 sets the touchstone for all other apps. In fact, its name has become a byword for creating beautiful pictures that automatically rub out some of God’s little imperfections in our selves. Attesting to this is the nearly 1 billion people using this app from around the globe. And that’s almost one-fifth of humanity my friend.

This app is specially designed for people with a strong fervor for taking selfies and photos whether in the standard two-dimensional setting or in a 360-degree setting. It’s like having a professional photo studio on your phone as it comes with professional editing tools to help you further enhance your photos. It also has other photo and video effects and customizable filters to recreate a virtual reality for your images.

2. Google Street View

Who else can make the best 360-degree camera apps for Android but the Android maker itself? Google Street view was specially designed to create 360 photos of your environment or the place where you are using your Android phone’s camera. Once done, you can share your own Street View to a global community for the world to see.

One of the unsurpassed features of this app is it allows you to step into a virtual world of global locations. You can see the best landmarks, natural wonders and tourist attractions around the world at the convenience of your home. It’s like traveling around the globe at your convenience for free. Indeed, this app is a must own application that literally allows anyone to see the world within their fingertips.

3. Panorama 360 Camera

Touted as the Instagram for Panoramas, Panorama360 or P360 for short is one of the premier apps to capture 360-degree photos. It is one of the pioneering apps for 360 apps when panoramic capture cameras were first introduced in smartphones. A major benefit of this app is its easiness to operate that even your 3-year-old kid can do.

You can capture 360-degree pictures in a jiffy with a single tap. Simply press the capture button and slowly pan your phone steadily from left to right. The captured frames will then be automatically tacked into one splendid landscape photo, which can share & viewed as 2D or 3D images. And just like an ordinary photo, the photos can be uploaded to major social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. It also comes with an automatic geotagging to indicate the place you took the pic for proper documentation.

4. Fyuse – 3D Photos

Another app that allows capturing of 3D images is Fyuse. It generates collaborating photos that change as you incline and pivot your phone in your hand. This app captures spatial moments that permit you to view your position in different perspectives or angles. It’s like having additional eyes at the side, back, top or bottom of your head, thus allowing you to see snippets of things that you won’t otherwise notice because of our limited viewpoint. Like the aforementioned apps, Fyuse is also a sprightly social platform that allows you to share images through standard social media sites.

5. Cardboard Camera

Another innovation from the Google masters, the cardboard camera takes panoramic shots to greater heights by capturing the ambient sounds of you virtual reality photograph. Capturing 360-degree photos is one thing but including the sound during the moment adds a new immersive experience that not only allows you to remember the views but feel them better. The VR photos by cardboard camera allow you to experience once again those prized moments. Whether it’s a vacation, travel, family reunions or any celebration that you seized, Cardboard camera can all bring them back to you.

6. Photaf Panorama Pro

This 360-degree camera app is specifically designed for creating picturesque, unified 360 panoramic pictures easily by using your phone camera. It has an orientation sensor for guiding you to capture pics at the correct angles for a perfect and complete panoramic view. Its free version provides the basic components of auto image stitching, 360-degree panoramic creation, zooming, exporting and sharing online and optimization.

It’s pro version allows setting live wallpapers, taking pics in high definition and portrait mode. As one of the best 360-degree camera apps for Android in creating panoramic photos, Photaf Panorama Pro is ideal for people in the real estate business for capturing picture-perfect landscapes of properties and lands.

7. 360cam

The 360cam by Giroptic is one of the best Android apps for 360-degree photos designed to capture video and photos with ease from different perspectives. This app basically transforms your phone as a remote control to operate the Giroptic 360cam, a funky egg-shaped camera device which can capture 360-degree photos or videos. This separate device uses three equidistant optical lenses and three microphones for capturing sounds and images. With 360cam, your phone not only allows you to operate Giroptic 360 camera but allows you to transfer 360 photos and share them to your friends with ease.

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A key feature of this app is it provides a live preview of your shot before making a capture. This allows you to prepare, plan and take pictures more seamlessly. It also has a built-in player that allows you to watch 360 photos and videos.

8. Camera 3D

Camera 3D is another alternative app you can use for making 360-degree photos. This app is specially designed for creating “GIF” images on with your phone. Gif images are animated raster graphics file commonly used as for simple product demonstrations, visual instructions, app demos, social accounts pops and beautiful displays. The short animation provides life to a rather static photo.

This app allows taking multiple photos for creating a “3D” image set which you can animate by its vibrating stereo function. You can opt to take multi-angle pics and use the accelerometer to simulate movement. At the moment, the app is in its beta version and is actively soliciting feedback from users for improvement and enhancement.

9. Samsung Gear 360

Samsung Gear 360 is easy to grip portable camera that allows recording 4K videos and lives broadcasting, which is perfect for recording your memories and documenting your adventures and celebrations. Samsung Gear 360 app on the other hand, basically turns your Android phone as a remote control device to operate the Samsung camera. You can shoot videos remotely, store files in your phone and share content with your friends via social media platforms. The app is supported by almost all the latest Samsung phone models and some other brands of Android phones.

The above mentioned are the nine best-used 360 cameras for Android phones. Which one do you like the most? While they are great and support the capture of 360-degree photos, the quality of the pictures you take would still lie greatly on your individual artistry, imagination, and skill. For one, a steady hand is fundamental for capturing buttery smooth images and videos. Thus, we cannot solely rely on or blame the app for blurry pictures or weird images. No matter how great these apps could be, taking pictures with a phone by your hand will always subject its output to human errors and limitations.

Extra Tip – Recover Deleted Photos from Android

Every mobile phone user is a photographer, especially when he finds a funny 360-degree camera or beauty selfie camera. However, the memory of the mobile phone is limited. As more and more photos are stored on the mobile phone, we will find that mobile phone memory is seriously insufficient. At this time, our most common solution is to delete some photos to release the memory. However, due to a hand error, we may have deleted a photo that we have kept for years or click the “Delete All” button by mistake. If you have experienced it, you know that feeling.

Fortunately, technology is so powerful. There is special software to help us out of this situation, that is Gihosoft Free Android Data Recovery. It is a professional file recovery software designed for Android users, which can recover up to eight types of data, including photos, videos, music, contacts, call logs, WhatsApp messages, etc. Thus, don’t worry if the photo is lost or deleted, as this powerful software can help you recover deleted photos from your Android phone quickly.

Fresh Way to Find a Business Idea:

  1. Top 3 best 360 panorama apps for iOS and Android
    • Panorama 360 Camera (HD+) + VR video
    • Fyuse – 3D Photos
    • FOV – 360 photo app
  2. How to develop 360-degree photo app for iPhone and Android
  3. 360 Capture SDK by Facebook
  4. 360° Media tools by Google

How do you use it?

Though you can take photos and videos without a phone thanks to physical buttons on the camera, the Vuze XR is best controlled by your smartphone. The free Android and iOS apps work well enough. I did have trouble updating the camera’s firmware. Other than that, the pairing process (via Wi-Fi) is straight forward, as are the controls for snapping shots or changing the settings.

Simple toggles let you flip between video and photo modes, as well as switch between spherical or panorama views on your smartphone screen, or a VR view via Oculus.

Photos and videos are stored on the included microSD card. You can transfer the content directly to your phone wirelessly or pop out the memory card to move photos/videos to your PC.

Connect and shoot. That’s it.

Tools for everything you want to do

Our growing suite of software, tools, and services let you capture, manage, and experience Matterport spaces in a seamless workflow.

Matterport Capture

This essential app makes capturing any space as simple as a press of a button. Use the app to quickly capture depth, data, and imagery of a space when connected to a supported camera or enabled with the camera on your iPhone.

Simply upload to the Matterport Cloud and all assets are processed for you. Download the Matterport Capture App to any compatible iOS device and see how easy it is to create a 3D digital twin.

  • Works with select 360 cameras, Pro2, and Leica BLK360
  • Makes it easy for anyone to capture in 3D
  • Compatible with iOS devices
  • Matterport for iPhone now in beta for iPhone 6s and later
  • Android app coming soon

Matterport Workshop

Once the Matterport Cloud creates your digital twin, you can edit your space in Matterport Workshop to customize it, add additional details, and share.

  • Create and customize your highlight reel
  • Measure your space
  • Add Mattertags™
  • Label rooms
  • Select 4K print quality photos
  • Customize your VR experience
  • Invite collaborators to view, upload, and edit your space

Matterport Showcase App

Matterport Showcase is how you and your audience view and explore your space in its final format. You can download it as an app or access it through any web browser.

  • Experience your space in walkthrough mode, dollhouse view, and floor plan mode
  • Share the link via email, text message, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media
  • View your space in VR
  • Access and explore your digital twins offline
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Matterport VR

Experience your digital twin in virtual reality. Download Matterport VR and pair with a compatible device or launch straight from the Matterport Showcase when using WebVR — you can walk through and experience a space as if you were really there.

3D Photos Creation on the Web

We’ve also seen a lot of original art creation that involves hacking together multiple steps to bring 3D photo scenes to life using depth and movement. Today, we’re making this process easier and more streamlined. We’re excited to announce the ability to post 3D photos from the web, on your computer, in addition to iPhone dual-camera devices.

This feature is specifically designed for custom art creation or images not taken in Portrait mode. Here are some helpful hints to preview/publish through www flow:

  1. You’ll need two (2) files for this to work: an image and a depth map, either in .png or .jpg format.
  2. File names matter! Make sure the depth map has _depth appended to the file name. For example: myImage.png + myImage_depth.png would be what your two files might be named to use this flow.
  3. While the aspect ratio of your depth map and your image must match, they don’t need to be the same resolution.
  4. As shown below, to create a 3D photo from the web, drag an image and its depth map and drop them into the composer:

Here are some examples of the exciting creations that can be made with this custom style:

What app makes your pictures look 3d?

  • CANDY 360
  • PANORAMA 360

1. CAMERA 3D (Free)

This is an impressive 360-degree photo app that makes GIF images on your device. It can automatically provide one 3D image set taken from up to 99 photos (depending on the available amount of memory on your device), and these 3D images can then be shared from the My Upload section. The app features a vibrating stereo mode where you can use 2 images form the gallery app and vibrated to produce a 3D effect, with the ability to change the vibration speed by sliding the screen. Another feature is multi-angle where 3 or more images can be previewed as a multi-angle 3D picture, and the faces of the image can be controlled with an accelerometer/slide.

Images can be saved as an animated GIF or exported to an SD card. Advice from the developers when capturing your images includes taking them from left to right, sliding the screen to change the overlay opacity of the last picture, and trying to position the object in the middle of the display. Do note this is a beta version so at present the app does not support all devices.

2. PHOGY (Free)

This unique and innovative app allows you to create 3D moving selfies (known as Phogies) and images that can be shared through social networks or email, or used as the wallpaper on your device. No special hardware is required, other than your smartphone of course, and a neat feature with this one is that when you move your handset the 3D effect of your picture also moves. Simply taking a picture and then moving your smartphone will activate the Android 3D camera app.

The app is free, and you can get upgraded features through in-app purchases. These include an unlimited amount of Phogies, higher-quality mp4 files and gifs, customization with filters, and more.

3. LucidPix 3D Photo Creator (Free)

LucidPix is a relatively new 3d photo app that is still in beta aims to make it very simple to take 3d photos. It doesn’t need you to follow specific instructions to capture an image, simply point and shoot. LucidPix even works on the single-lens phone to capture and view the 3D Photos. Just snap a photo as you would and LucidPix will use its advanced AI to convert the 2D image into three dimensions.

Rather than shooting an image in LucidPix, the app also allows to import existing photos and apply filters to create the perfect view.


Cardboard camera decent app from Google itself and enables VR (virtual reality) photos. The app gives assistance to take 3d photos, and the images produced to provide a 3D experience and lets users enjoy those magical moments from all directions. However, you will need to put your device into a Google Cardboard viewer to see the pictures in VR. This app features a picture gallery, and the latest update to this app also brings the sharing facility so that you can send the photos on social media or via email.


As its name suggests, this app is specifically aimed at the many selfie lovers out there. A great selfie camera app which is easy to use with 3D images and more than 70 filters, and you can use more than one flattering filter for each picture or add further filters later. If you make a mistake with the filters, you don’t need to worry that your original image has been changed, as the app will also store the previous versions.

Features include a silent mode, a timer, crop re-touch, and a selection of different cropping ratios. You can choose a decorative frame for your finished image and provide shadow, color, texture background, candy background, metal background and more. You can also add text, stickers, and emotions, and share your photos with others in the Candy 360 community.

6. FYUSE – 3D PHOTOS (Free)

If you have a smartphone, you can use Fyuse for 3D images. Dubbed ‘fyuses’ they allow users to view scenes at different angles and these can be activated either by swiping the screen or tilting the phone. Fyuse also aims to engage its users by acting as a social platform where your images can be shared within the app. As well as this they can be shared via email, text, and further social platforms. To use the app you’ll need a smartphone with an accelerometer, gravity, and gyroscope sensors, and each camera to have at least 720p resolution.


This is an entirely different kind of app to those above, as it offers a 3D augmented reality experience. Users can get an idea of how to handle a gun with the Gun Camera 3D virtual reality app and can choose from a variety of pistols and rifles. Realistic weapons are held in front of your eyes, and the game also features night vision cameras and an array of special effects.

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GUN CAMERA 3D certainly gives you a feeling for shooting, although we’re not sure we agree with the developer’s claims that it will teach you how to handle a gun safely.


We thought the previous app offered something different, but Camerada also brings something unique to the table of top 3D photo app. The idea is to create virtual reality 3D video by linking smartphones close by rather than using costly specialized equipment. You can then enjoy the videos using the inbuilt VR media player, with VR viewers or goggles or Red-Cyan 3D glasses. Features include a single-user mode for capturing 2D videos. These can then be rendered in VR mode for viewing in VR goggles.

There’s also a dual-phone mode where two nearby smartphones can be automatically linked for creating stereoscopic 3D videos. A multi-phone mode, where 3 or more friends can join in on the action to produce 360-degree/panoramic 3D videos, is planned for a future update.


This is an excellent app and is a good choice for creating 360-degree PRO panoramas. Using just one tap you can create a seamless panorama by simply moving your smartphone as steadily as you can from left to right. The panorama image is then created in less than one minute by stitching the frames together, and the high-resolution results can be directly uploaded and shared via Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr as either flat images or via a 3D viewer.

The app engages with its users through a real-time panorama feed, and among the many features are automatic SD card storage, non-compass capture, Photosphere integration, automatic geotagging, and HD option. You can also see other Panoramas close to the area where you are by using the Nearby feature.

10. PHEREO 360 PHOTO (Free)

Last but definitely not least is the Phereo app, which is certainly one of our favorites for capturing high-quality 3D photos. One of the highlights of this app is that you can also create your own gallery to share. As well as this, you can look at featured galleries and browse through the huge choice of some of the most beautiful 3D shots taken across the world.

The app includes full native 3D mode support for some Android smartphones and tablets (see Google Play Store description) but if you haven’t one of the listed devices you can still use it to lesser effect. It supports various viewing modes including Wiggle, Mono, Anaglyph, and Google Cardboard. Supported formats are JPS, side-by-side JPEG, and MPO.

Final thoughts

All of these apps are free to download and although a few offer in-app purchases, for the majority of the time you won’t require them. Our choice of 10 best Android 3D camera apps covers several aspects, so as well as 3D images you can also enjoy a virtual reality gaming experience or create virtual reality 3D videos. These third-party apps are all designed to optimize the usual capabilities of your smartphone camera and get more out of it, so do check them out and tell us what you think using the comments box below. Alternatively, if you regularly use a 3D Photo app for Android devices that you think should have been included in this selection, why not tell us about it so that other readers might also enjoy it.

Common Questions

How Do You Make 360 Pictures?

To make a 360 picture, you need to install an app that enables this feature to your phone such as Google Street View. Once you have the app, follow its guides and take all the photos required. The app will stitch these photos together into a 360 picture.

How Do I Take Panoramic Photos?

Most camera apps today come with a “panorama” feature. To create a panorama, select this feature and take a photo following the app’s instructions. You will need to move the camera horizontally or vertically to capture the area you want. You can also stitch individual photos using photo stitching software.

How Do You Make a 3D Panorama?

To turn your photosphere or 360 panoramas into 3D, you need a pair of VR glasses and a panorama viewer app that enables VR view on your phone. Set up the glasses, activate the VR feature in the app and enjoy your panoramas and photospheres in an immersive 3D experience.

Photo by Kamran Khan from Pexels

The Equipment

At Primacy, we have a couple of specially 3D-printed camera rigs that hold 6 or 10 GoPro Hero4 cameras in a spherical shape. Each camera is mounted at a specific angle so the camera’s field of view will overlap portions of the surrounding cameras’ field of view. That overlap will eliminate any gaps in the footage and allow for flexibility at the seams. When all the GoPros are recording, they capture video at the same time, and it covers the entire 360° by 180° area.

There are various ways to hold the camera rig. It all depends on the needs of the shot. A tripod or monopod are the most common, but you can hang it, hold it, drone it, and more.

Viewing Footage: Screens and Goggles

While marketing departments really, really want you to buy a VR headset, they simply haven’t reached a point of ubiquity. If you have one, you can certainly view 360-degree videos if you want to keep them spherical and navigable.

For hosting, you’ll want to look at Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube. The latter two services offer the best video quality, though. You can’t share spherical footage on the most popular service for creatives, Instagram, however. And, given that 360’s moment has all but passed, I wouldn’t expect to see the feature added down the road.

Instead, you’ll get the most flexibility in sharing video if you reframe it to a 16:9 format. There, you can embed anywhere you would a normal video, including Instagram, and many of the software apps support pulling out vertical footage for Stories and Snapchat, adding appeal for vloggers and influencers alike.

Regardless of how you intend to utilize the footage, it’s important to look at a 360 camera as another tool in the kit. The footage you’re able to capture using the tech can be compelling, but it’s certainly not the right tool to use for every shot in a video, or even for every project. A good 360-degree camera can supplement your action cam, drone, or full-frame mirrorless video rig, but it’s not a replacement for any of them.

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