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Hawk Freedom Squadron, Read this Before You Start, Review

This review is at least a year in the making. I started playing Hawk Freedom Squadron more than a year ago. I stopped playing when I obtained Gambit (probably one of the most awesome plane in the game if not the best, imho) and pretty much cleared out most of the levels. I recently re-installed the game just to see what kind of additional content Hawk Freedom Squadron is offering. Boy, I wished I re-installed a whole lot sooner. Soooo much more new content.

For the folks who would rather watch than read my review, you can see my review below and enjoy!

A Guide to HAWK Freedom Squadron

Receive Any Number of Crystals Using The HAWK Freedom Squadron Cheats for Free!

One body is no body, that is why you need to gather forces from all over the world and jump right into an exciting and time killing game that asks for no extra charges or a special requirement to get it started, just download it on your Android or IOS powered device and use the HAWK Freedom Squadron cheats to enhance your gaming experience, lets thank My.com B.V company for creating such a masterpiece.

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Game begins instantly by giving you three aircrafts two small ones which are playing the assistant role and one big aircraft that is responsible for the most of the damage that you will be dealing to your opponents, learn more about the gameplay techniques right here in our HAWK Freedom Squadron cheats so far.

The controls are so simple as the game does not ask for many, move around by dragging your finger on the screen, actually you are very restricted to the given area on your device screen, and the aircrafts will be moving forward automatically without any interference from your side, which means that all you have to do is to guide the out coming attacking bullets to hit the targets you desire and destroy it out, later on here at this HAWK Freedom Squadron guide you will get to learn various techniques to increase your fire power and several tactics.

Several Techniques to Survive.

Your fighting aircraft will fire automatically none stop so try to be smart and quick enough to guide the outgoing bullets, there will be incoming attempts to take you down but you can choose either to dodge it or take the threat down according to your plan, but until this moment, you can tell that everything is so smooth and there are not any obstacles which are capable of putting an end to your journey so far.

Right here we will be illustrating the different types of boosters that you can pick them up and enhance your fighting powers right away.

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Boosters and Their Pros.

There are several boosters which will be dropped by the destroyed buildings or units, move right to pick them up and increase your fire power significantly, some of them will grant you a super power for a limited period of time and others which are very common, will keep upgrading you fire range and power for each booster you will be picking up, try to pick as many as possible and be careful because if you ever got shot down, then this means that you will be losing it all and start once more from the stock weapon system once more.

Protect Yourself with The Right Booster.

Previously we been speaking about the upgrades types and how it will be affecting your fighting powers during the combat, but we forgot to mention that there are shields which will grantee you safety from all the incoming attacks at your face, try to put this shield booster at top of your list because this is going to play a vital role so far, try to improve your powers and become unstoppable easily with HAWK Freedom Squadron cheats and its features, and learn more by reading our HAWK Freedom Squadron tips.

More Crystals Means More Power, Get Them Through HAWK Freedom Squadron Hack!

During the playing time you should be keeping an eye at the top left corner where the Health points bar is placed, this is the indicator for your survivability chances and letting you know exactly how long you will be surviving through the different parts of the game, and also right next to the health bar you can find the score counter to let you keep track of the score points that you are achieving through the different stages.

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Before you enter the stage, there will be a list containing all the possible rewards that you are expected to receive upon completion, also choose between three available difficulty levels to match up your skill level.

And moving to the game type, there are three modes, playing solo which means that you will be totally playing on your own, Friends mode, where you will be getting matched up with some of your friends and the world mode which requires from you to have an internet connection, but no matter what happens ensure that you are using HAWK Freedom Squadron hack for optimal results.

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